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[May. 31st, 2009|12:40 pm]
The Pack


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Sorry for the delay in this post, details took longer to hash out than anticipated. But here it is now!

Nick, Nancy and I will be at the cabin in Ennis from tonight until Tuesday evening. Anyone is free to come up for part of a day, or to spend an evening, whatever you like. Directions can be found here in this post from last year. Pretty sure that phone number is still valid, too, if you get lost :)

Tuesday evening we will be heading back towards Bozeman sometime in the early evening. We are thinking that rather than try and do a float on the way back (considering that the river isn't really in floating condition yet) we will try and stop at Norris Hot Springs for a while. This would be after people get off work (probably about 6:30 or so?), so if you'd like to join us for that, you totally should!

If the Norris Hot Springs idea doesn't pan out for some reason on our end, or if there are other changes, we will call someone to spread the word/post here.

Also, Monday night is obviously not happening at my house this week. As usual, I am sure the festivities will relocate themselves.

That's all the info we have. Hope to see some of you over the next few days! :)