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[Dec. 21st, 2009|01:28 am]
The Pack


So, uh, yeah. LOL, Aspen is a spaz whose Magic Fiance showed up on her doorstep this weekend unexpectedly, so sorry this post is coming so terribly late but I'm doing the best I can to juggle several schedules at once. I'll give some people calls tomorrow and spread the word, but if you see this, please do tell whoever you can think of in the Pack. :P

Pack Christmas has been bumped back to 7pm at my place. This is because it's Nick's sister's birthday tomorrow and I need a tiny, tiny bit of breathing room to get home and get ready to hostess before everyone shows up. Other details remain the same; bring snacks, bring desserts, bring presents and your selves. I'll provide beverages and I'll probably throw together some crock pot soup as well if people want some.

Like I said, I'll make calls tomorrow and spread the word on this, but any help on that front would be aces. TY!

[User Picture]From: fair_orc_maiden
2009-12-21 02:20 pm (UTC)
I got the memo! So did Peter. I am trying to work like mad until 3 and then get home for goodie making. I can call everyone then, but if that's going to be too late lemme know! (I'd tell Nick, but he's not online and also OMG here with you!) :P
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