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Last minute lake trip [May. 26th, 2009|06:54 pm]
The Pack


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K so this is really last minute and I know most people won't be able to go, but its really the only chance I have before I leave.

So next week, Sunday the 31st to possibly Tuesday the 2nd Aspen and I are planning on going up to my families cabin on Ennis lake. And we need people! To . . . *coughTossInTheLakecough* hang out with. My family is probably going to be up there Sunday but seeing as how they have school they would leave that night. And if your not scared of them your welcome to be there while they are. So you can come up as early as sometime Sunday whenever we get there (exact time is pending). It will basically go as long as we have people to be there. So if we have people that want to stay until Tuesday then we'll be there until Tuesday. Otherwise we'll leave earlier. There's plenty of places to sleep, so comeing up Sunday night and staying until Monday or Tuesday is no issue. Its about an hour drive up, I can give directions and am willing to see about picking people up if they can't get there any other way.

So I'm looking for people to basically post times they want to come up and after I get all those I'll figure out the actual times we'll be there. We were also thinking about stopping to float the Madison on the way back home, so when we figure out what time that will be I'll post that up too, and if people couldn't make it to the lake they can try to make it for the float.

That's basically it, post any questions you have. If you want to go, the sooner you give us a time the easier it will be.

P.S. I'm sure there might be another chance over the summer, since Justin can plan it too, this is just the only chance I have.